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Welcome to Sabre Camp Central, the homepage for Marian University sports camps. Please see below for the camp(s) that interest you. All Sabre camps are organized and run by Marian University coaches, staff and players. The comprehensive coaching staffs and up-to-date facilities help Marian stand out from the rest.

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Private Lessons - Work one-on-one with members of the Marian University Baseball coaching staff. Improve your skills in all aspects of the game, including pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching.

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Holiday HittersCampers will be coached through drill work and broken down individually by members of the Marian staff/players. Each day the players will be introduced to a series of new drills to assist in creating a sound swing and take with them to practice throughout the year. This camp will feature aspects of hitting, team offense, bunting, as well as the mental aspects of hitting.

Spring Training - Campers will be instructed by Marian staff and players on collegiate drills, techniques, and fundamentals to help improve his game. Each camp will include drills on hitting, defense, and base running. Emphasis will be on specific instruction on the four components of the swing, offensive drills to help with balance & bat path, correctly running the bases, and defensive work based on their individual position. 

Spring Pitching - Campers looking to improve their pitching/throwing mechanics, strengthen their arms, and improve their overall pitching should consider attending our pitching camp.  Emphasis will be placed on developing throwing mechanics through a series of repeatable drills. Pitchers will receive specific instruction on the seven steps of mechanics, balance, arm path, pitching grips, holding runners, and fielding their position. 

High School Elite Hitting - Campers will improve their offensive game through a series of collegiate hitting drills led by the Marian staff and players. Drills will include increasing bat speed, hitting to all fields, and working with off-speed pitch recognition. The camp will also include drills on the small ball approach to the game through drag bunting, sac bunting, and hit and run techniques.

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Men's Basketball
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Men's Soccer
2017 Spring Break Camp  -  Register HERE


Monday's at Marian

Women's Basketball

Shooting Camp (7-12th Grade) - Campers will learn technical shooting tips, receive a player performance evaluation and have a chance to interact with Marian women's basketball players and coaches!

Elite Day Camp (9-12th Grade) - Campers will receive a college level workout including mental skills training.  They will learn what it takes to raise their game to the next level while interacting with the Marian women's basketball team and coaches!

Day Camps (3rd-8th Grade)
- This two-day camp is broken into two sessions to help campers learn fundamental skills and basketball terminology while interacting with the Marian women's basketball players and coaches!

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Women's Soccer
2017 ID Camp

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